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Broadband for Seniors helps senior Australians get the skills they need to use computers and access the Internet.
BFS kiosks are located all around Australia. They are available to anyone 50 years or over who wants to learn how to use a computer and surf the Internet free of charge.
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Become a tutor for seniors

Do you have some spare time? Why not become a volunteer tutor in a Broadband for Seniors kiosk. Helping seniors understand how to use technology is very rewarding. There are kiosks located all around Australia.
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After Broadband for Seniors

Broadband for Seniors has already assisted over 650,000 seniors since its establishment in 2008.  But the journey doesn’t end there. There are so many different ways to discover how technology can improve your lives.
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Handy tips and tricks

There are many resources provided to our Broadband for Seniors kiosks that are located on this website. This Handy Hints […]

Windows 10 coming soon

We will soon be releasing a new online learning module for Windows 10. Stayed tuned.

Seniors feedback required!

The Broadband for Seniors kiosks are run by wonderful volunteers who work really hard to help you with your computer […]